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A contract for Vanas Medical in Abu Dhabi

A contract for Vanas Medical in Abu Dhabi

Vanas Medical, a division of Vanas Engineering, has sold distribution devices for medicines in Abu Dhabi. The company from Kruibeke has thus strengthened its international market position. The group Vanas is a supplier of investment and consumer goods. Vanas Engineering goes primarely in the direction of storage systems for hospitals and garages. Vanas itself is mainly specialized in the supply of hand tools and lifting equipment.

Especially when it comes to thousands of different parts or products, will efficient storage be defining for the profitability of operations. Also in hospitals where, amongst other things, many thousands of different medications can be used. Vanas Engineering and Medical Vanas have in this respect fast distribution devices which are paired by an own software. "We have more than 50 such systems installed in Belgian hospitals", says Managing Director Eric Van Assche. "We are succeeding now to break through on the international market and a new contract in Abu Dhabi is thereby leading in the right way."

The contract in Abu Dhabi would be worth initially 100,000 euros. It is a trial order for three systems. The customer will also be given the opportunity to sign a contract partnership with foreign experts who then upgrade their care. So with the University Hospital Brussels, which also uses the systems of Vanas.