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Wednesday, 06 July 2016


April 1, 2016 

We are pleased to announce that effective 1st April 2016, TouchPoint, Inc. has completed the acquisition of Vanas Medical nv.

As TouchPoint, Inc. is also the parent company of Vanas Medical’s main supplier of electronics, SupplyPoint Systems, this acquisition will result in a closer collaboration on both hardware and software development.

VANAS MEDICAL NV  and its distributors increase herewith their potential.

Vanas Medical nv will continue to be managed as a stand-alone business.

There will be no change in the way business is done.

Melsele will remain the seat of the company.

KIM NEIRYNCK will remain Director Vanas Medical nv

ERIC VAN ASSCHE will become Managing Director Vanas Medical nv.


May 31, 2016

Touch Point, Inc. InterMetro's Healthcare Technology Business

We are pleased to announce that effective 1st June 2016, TouchPoint, Inc. has completed the acquisition of the InterMetro Healthcare Technology business (Metro). The Metro Healthcare Technology products include AccesPointTM and Flo® computer carts, AccessPointTM Rx MD mobile medical dispensing carts, the AccessCenterTM and MedDispense® automated dispensing machines and the MetroMountTM wall mounting systems.

With this acquisition, TouchPoint Inc. has formed TouchPoint Medical, a new business platform incorporating these newly acquired assets and its existing successful Medical Technology businesses. TouchPoint Medical is a leading global provider of innovative and intelligent hardware and software solutions that enable the safe, efficient and effective delivery of outstanding patient care.

In addition to the newly acquired Healthcare Technology business from Metro TouchPoint Medical includes ITD, a global leader in stationary and mobile carrier systems for medical technology, as well as Vanas Medical and Mediwell, European leaders in medical vending and dispensing solutions. In the past year, these TouchPoint Medical businesses have provided value added products and services to thousands of hospitals and healthcare facilities in over 60 countries.

About TouchPoint

TouchPoint is a privately held, diversified global growth company based in Concordville, PA. TouchPoint focuses on acquiring and building niche, high growth manufacturing businesses where technology and human touch points make a tangible difference to the end user. The current TouchPoint portfolio is made up of an Access Hardware Platform, anchored by Southco, a Medical Technology Platform, including ITD, Mediwell and Vanas Medical, and an intelligent Vending Platform consisting of Supply Point Systems. In total, TouchPoint companies have over 3.600 employees in 24 countries and serve in excess of 80 thousand customers in nearly 100 countries throughout the world.