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Thursday, 12 March 2015

 By Marc Balduyck on 11/03/2015

Vanas Engineering has won a contract worth 250,000 euros in Kuwait. The contract calls for developing seven systems for the controlled delivery of medications.

Vanas Engineering, based in Melsele, had already been prospecting in the Arab world for several years. To achieve this, the specialist in warehouse management and automation systems had established contacts with local dealers. They are able to ensure the concrete finalisation of the bids.

Al Adan Hospital in the capital, Kuwait City, is one of the largest public hospitals in the country. It has 600 beds. Kuwait is investing massively in strengthening the health services, especially in the area of hospital modernising.

Installations for the controlled delivery of medications ensure the optimisation of medication management. Vanas Engineering recently received an order for seven installations for this purpose. This means an overall order of 250,000 euros. This means that the Melsele company will be able to continue with the positive developments of previous years. "We were able to realise a turnover of 12.6 million euros last year," director Eric Van Assche said. "This was 1.8 million more than the year before."

The Vanas Engineering Group consists of two divisions, Vanas Medical and Vanas Industrial. Vanas Industrial mainly deals with warehouse and workplace designs. Some time ago, the division Vanas Beyond Tools, the supplier of industrial consumer goods, was sold to the Cebeo Group.