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JAN YPERMAN Regional Hospital

JAN YPERMAN Regional Hospital

Jan Yperman Regional Hospital

Regional hospital, YPRES, Belgium

The Jan Yperman hospital decided in 2008 to go over to computerised distribution of medication.
Eighteen nursing and medical/technical departments were equipped with a combination of Dispenser - Compartment Control – E-Lock and refrigerated storage equipment.
The project was completed within a year.
One of the objectives was to simplify the distribution and recording of medication on the wards.
An interface structure between the Cegeka, Infohos and Vanasoft (Pharmalogic) packages was created for this purpose.

"Distribution of medication and the associated recordkeeping have been simplified and are now far more transparent."

The benefits were immediately apparent.

On the one hand the nursing staff saved time by using the Cegeka electronic prescription package, combined with the distribution facilities provided by the pharmacy and the VANAS cabinets, while on the other hand the pharmacy were able to organise their activities more flexibly and smoothly, as well as having an online overview of consumption levels. The problem of returned medication was also appreciably reduced.

The system has the additional benefit that end users can consult online the available stock held in other departments, and where necessary obtain medication required for their own patients, which can be very useful when the pharmacy is closed and there are no stocks of the relevant product in their own department.