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Jessa General Hospital - Hasselt

Hasselt - Belgium

Jessa General Hospital is the first Belgian Hospital with NIAZ accreditation. Patient safety is one of the focal points of the hospital's philosophy.
The government has introduced a variety of measures to foster patient safety in recent years. The introduction of computerised systems to store and distribute medication is a component of these government initiatives.

Pharmalogic Dispenser cabinets have been installed in numerous departments around the hospital with the aim of improving safety in the dispensing of medication, including emergency and medical and surgical intensive care departments. These cabinets contain medication to cover around 90% of requirements.
The doctor's prescription, the picking by nursing staff, recordkeeping and invoicing are all computerised. Calculations indicate that after two years the initial investment will be fully recouped, with the added benefit of a major improvement in patient safety.

As well as the positive cost/benefit position and improved safety in dispensing, there are also time savings in the pharmacy due to a steep reduction in returned medication. The success of the system has led to the inclusion of funding for further implementation of Dispenser cabinets in budgets for coming years.

"Our calculations demonstrate that the initial investment was recouped after two years, this in addition to improvements in patient safety."