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Pharmacy Emmaüs vzw

Sint Maarten General Hospital
Leopoldstraat campus
Mechelen - Belgium


Storage and automated distribution of medication.


• 2 computer controlled vertical carousels
The pharmacy at the Sint Maarten General Hospital (Leopoldstraat campus) decided in 2008 to purchase 2 vertical carousels in addition to the existing cabinets at the Zwartzustersvest campus, with the aim of automating their picking process.
The Sint Maarten General Hospital pharmacy is the outcome of the merger of two hospitals. This obviously involves larger quantities of medication and an increase in the medication dispensed per unit of time.
Medication is allocated to a department or to individual patients.
The carousel is compact in construction, makes maximal use of the space below the ceiling and thus delivers space savings of around 60%! With the carousel the products come to the user and not the other way round. The result: time savings.

When used in combination with Pharmalogic Extended software, high productivity is achieved with minimal staffing levels (so more people become available for other tasks). This software ensures optimal storage for medication, taking account of expiry dates and lot numbers.


There is a bidirectional interface with the Infohos pharmacy software.
Infohos sends the various electronic distribution lists to Pharmalogic Extended.
Medication is picked for a specific department or an individual patient.
The carousels are programmed to achieve the maximum pick rate with a minimum of machine movements.
The work station is provided with LEDs to indicate the exact location of the requested medication.
The information relating to the pick (description, name of department or patient, quantity etc) is shown on the carousel display panel. The quantity can be confirmed or corrected using the carousel's keyboard. Any such confirmations or modifications are passed immediately to Infohos.