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REGIONAL HOSPITAL of HUY- cold storage

REGIONAL HOSPITAL of HUY- cold storage

REGIONAL HOSPITAL of HUY- cold storage

Storage of blood samples in avertical storage carousel cold store


The contribution of clinical biology to the medical diagnostics has increased strongly during the latest years. Because of this increase, there is also a growing need for higher accuracy and higher quality of the analyses.

Storage of blood samples in a vertical storage carousel cold store

The Centre Hospitalier Régional in Huy intends, more then ever, to make their biological lab an important instrument for the diagnosis and follow up of the medical evolution of patiets. Thereto they are investing in the newest technologies. The lab treats 400 patients files on a daily basis, analysing about 1.500 blood samples. After the analysis, the samples are stored in the lab, where they need to remain available during 20 days. This means that the lab has a permanent stock of 30.000 blood samples.

Until recently, this storage was done in several refrigerators.

  •  A large part of the (expensive) lab floor surface was used for non-productive storage.
  •  Retracing a sample took a lot of time.
  • The temperature in the refrigerator rose each time the refrigerator door was opened.

To improve this situation and, furthermore, to meet the standards for an ISO-certification, Mr Wanet, manager of the lab, chose to install a vertical storage carousel with sliding doors and an intergrated cooling installation.  

All 30.000 samples are now stored on a total surface of 4 m², at a constant temperature of 4,6°C. Each or the 20 levels in the vertical storage carousel contains the samples of 1 day. After 20 days, the oldest samples are destroyed and replaced by the samples of the following day.

Software, developped by VANASOFT

The software developped by VANASOFT for this application, quarantees an optimal traceability:

  • Acces through a user code in combination with a fingerprint identification: only a qualified person has access to the data and the samples.
  • All the samples can be registered and retraced by scanning the barcode containing the patient data.
  • The exact position of the requested sample is indicated by a light bar, so no time is lost.
  • All the motions are logged, from the moment the sample is stored for the first time until the moment it is destroyed.
  • All the logged data can be printed or exported to xls-format.