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Linking Pharmalogic Dispenser to the Qcare e-prescription proved to be the key to success 

Antwerp - Belgium

Following a one year trial period it was decided in 2007 that 18 nursing departments should be equipped with a combination of Dispensers, E-Lock cabinets and controlled refrigerated storage, in addition to the equipment already in use in the Emergency, Chest Pain, Recovery and Operating departments.

Each nursing department was provided with its own picking stock of medication at a ratio of 80%/20%: 80% of the required stock of medication is located in the department, with 20% held in the central pharmacy.

Linking Pharmalogic Dispenser to the Qcare e-prescription proved to be the key to success in this case.
Both stock and individually allocated items are stored in the cabinets; the nursing staff will decide when medication is to be administered, while the pharmacist is able to organise stocking with greater flexibility.
The amount of medication returned to the pharmacy has fallen off steeply, and medicines not administered can be replaced in the VANAS cabinet after checking and credited to the patient.
It will then be immediately available for another patient.

The paperwork is also simplified: no more instructions, administration lists or double-checking! In the event of a shortage it can also be investigated where in the other dispensing units the required product is still available.

"A steep drop in medication returned to the pharmacy."


The doctor writes an electronic prescription in Qcare.
This electronic prescription is then sent to the pharmacy for validation, to the nursing staff's planning sheets and to the VANAS cabinet.
The nurse in charge will decide when to prepare the medication for use over the next 24 hours.
Each patient's records will be called up on the VANAS cabinet system and the cabinet will be given the command to release the prescribed medicines. This will then be placed in the medication trolleys and administered at the next ward round.
Replenishment by the pharmacy can be quick and efficient, and based purely on consumption: the patient data has already been processed automatically.