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The company VANAS was established in 1946 and was originally active in the maritime sector, equipping and provisioning vessels with the necessary tools and consumables.



From 1968 onwards the focus shifted to the industrial sector and certain specialisms began to develop:

- Tools;

- Lifting equipment;

- Warehouse and workshop equipment.


The warehouse and workshop equipment department began to integrate vertical storage systems from 1989. Eric Van Assche immediately understood the need for supporting software, resulting in the creation of our VANASOFT division, tasked with the development of the Gigasoft.Extended.




In 2010 all departments were given independent status:

o    VANAS ENGINEERING NV was set up with the aim of focussing exclusively as a specialist in storage solutions and WMS serving various industrial sectors (logistics, maintenance, automotive) and total solutions for the medical sector (hospitals and care homes). All these activities have the support of our own software, developed by our VANASOFT division.


o    A sister company FRAVANAS with premises in Li├Ęge was set up to better serve the country's Francophone region.

The dynamic of the VANASGROUP today is characterised by a modern infrastructure, up-to-date IT systems and an enthusiastic team of around 60 staff, currently led by Eric Van Assche.