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VANAS MEDICAL have developed highly specific solutions for the distribution of medication in hospitals and care homes, with the aim of improving the safety of medication and therefore also patient safety.

The integration of the e-prescription eliminates errors resulting from illegible handwriting or the unintentional swapping of look-alikes.
Computer controlled medication cabinets have been introduced in order to computerise and automate the complex process of administering medication. This steeply reduces the risk of errors in the picking and administration of medication.

VANAS MEDICAL will search with you for the best solution, exploiting our unique combination of brand-independent engineering, a comprehensive product range, expert product specialists and the decades of experience behind VANAS ENGINEERING to achieve the following objectives:

- space savings up to 80%

- stock accuracy up to 99.99%

- error free

- reduction in resource consumption

- reduced administrative burden.

Take a look at our references to see a range of projects where objectives like these have been achieved.

As well as developing a solution for you we also strive to provide a high level of service during and following the completion of your project.