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This software is used to manage and control automated distribution systems such as:

  • Dispensers
  • E-lock drawer cupboards
  • CC drawer cupboards
  • Compartment cabinets

which are replenished from the central pharmacy and which can be installed in various departments.

software is very user friendly and:

  • Handles access control, manage items, locations and supply from the systems and it can be integrated into existing pharmacy software and hospital information systems.
  • Through simple touchscreen interfaces, the nursing staff can retrieve medications and other medical supplies from the cabinets in a controlled manner very quickly and in a user friendly way.
  • Dispensing still takes place under the name of the patient and is automatically forwarded to the pharmacy software package.
  • Based on the use, the correct bills are issued using your tar-fac software and restocking documents are created.

Notwithstanding that products can be dispensed in a quick way using a user-friendly user interface, a dispenser has the highest level of security.

The following operations can be carried out successively:

  • Identification by user ID & password | fingerprint checks | badge reader barcode scanner| in the privilege functions (doctor, carer, nurse, pharmacist) access can be granted for certain features
  • Selecting the patient from a list, which appears after choosing "dispense"
  • Selecting the doctor (if no doctor is linked to the patient)
  • Selection of the product
  • Number of units of the product.


  • Result
  • Return
  • Inventory
  • Fast picking
  • Kitting (Optional)
  • Batch entry or retrieval (optional)
  • A history is recorded for all actions
  • Logging in by fingerprint (optional)
  • Login using username and password
  • Default settings for a doctor (optional)
  • Entry (manual or by using an electronic list)
  • Consulting historical data remotely (optional)
  • Calling up of a list with the various physicians
  • Linking to a database in MS SQL or MS Access
  • Customisable interface to specific needs (optional)
  • Look up alternatives for the required item (optional)
  • Dispensing on the basis of electronic orders (optional)
  • Exchanging data. (stock, inventory, entry, dispensing, ...)
  • Reserving a spot for the a specific patient's medication (optional)
  • Immediately printing labels or stickers upon dispensing (optional)
  • Requesting items that have are still in stock in a different services or departments. (Optional)
  • Requesting a patient list (from own service or from another service) from the hospital information system


  • Patient billing and restocking is done based on usage.
  • By making use of a simple user interface, the staff can retrieve items (medication, accessories, ...) from the cabinets in a simple, controlled and quick way
  • The user's rights, items, locations and the stock are integrated in the existing software packages that are used in the pharmacy and hospital settings.
  • Taking out the items always occurs on the basis of the patient's name. This information is automatically exchanged with the existing hospital or pharmacy information system.