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Pharmalogic.Extended is a WMS (Warehouse Management System) adapted to the logistics processes inside the pharmacy and can be used both with a carousel system (vertical carousel) and in combination with classic racks.

In addition to the management of storage locations and stock, it’s possible to record the lot number and expiration date for each product. This offers the following advantages:

  • You can always call up a list of all expired products and their locations so that they will be brought to the retrieval opening in the vertical carousel successively.
  • You can call up all locations for a particular product or where a particular lot number is being stored.

Pharmalogic.Extended is equipped with a bi-directional interface and communicates with the central pharmacy software or with the HIS (hospital information system).
Interfaces have already been developed for the pharmacy software packages, Infohos, Partezis, Cegeka, Medsoc, Polymedis as well as specific hospital systems in university hospitals.

The following information can be exchanged:

  • item information (formulary)
  • expiration date and lot number for restocking
  • distribution lists by department or by patient
  • the actually picked amounts by department or by patient
  • inventory or supply adjustments.

After reading the distribution lists, Pharmalogic.Extended can be set to work list by list or to merge multiple lists.
The vertical carousel cabinet must perform fewer movements for grouped lists, because medications that are needed for different lists can be picked in one cycle.
The option can still be set to products for each order or for each patient if necessary.

Kanban system:

A great alternative to automated management – if stock isn’t stored in a medication cabinet – is management using a kanban or 2-bin system.

In each department, there is a rack or a (non-computerised) cabinet where, for each item, there are two identical spots. When the first spot is empty, the item is picked from the second. 

In the meantime, the first spot is restocked to its maximum again. When the second spot is empty, then the item is taken from the first, etc. 

This type of logistics process can be managed perfectly by Pharmalogic.Extended in combination with a hand terminal. Every location in the department should be equipped with a bar code that is unique to the product that is stored there. For each interval of time (day, half day, every 2 days), the pharmacist or assistant passes through the department, scans the department code as well as all the item nos. of products where one spot is empty. 
Once back in the pharmacy, the memory in the hand terminal is redirected to Pharmalogic.Extended, which will generate the corresponding pick list for each department.


  • Backup
  • Alarm list
  • Custom linking
  • Item management
  • User management
  • Working in batches
  • Stock management
  • MS SQL, MS Access
  • Stock synchronisation
  • Search via a tree structure
  • Automatically import item data
  • Importing item data from an Excel file
  • Control counts, zeroing, stock correction
  • Information feedback to the master system
  • Optimisation of the entry and removal process
  • Management of lot numbers and expiration dates
  • Automatically import orders from a master system
  • Stock management using the kanban principle. (optional)
  • Location management. (fixed, movable, FIFO, LIFO, FEFO, BIN)


  • Optimise storage capacity.
  • Optimise entry and retrieval to speed up work flow.
  • Increasing accuracy by applying different control mechanisms.
  • Optimal distribution of goods using various dynamic storage systems.
  • It's possible at any time to pull up a list of all expired products and their locations. These are then automatically brought to the retrieval opening.