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Pharmalogic.Labo is used to manage refrigerated storage systems.

This software is used in combination with a cooled carousel system.
Samples (e.g. blood, urine, ...) are stored under controlled conditions for a predetermined period. Pharmalogic.Labo identifies each tube based on the file number and records the location where it is stored in the carousel system.

Afterwards, the carousel system can be automatically controlled to bring the respective tube to the issue opening by simply scanning the barcode (file no.).
Check scanning is then used to make sure that the correct tube has been taken.



  • Check scanning
  • User management
  • Logging all operations
  • Automatic location management
  • Sample identification using barcodes
  • Automatic sample retrieval by means of scanning
  • Checking the maximum stock for specific samples


  • Ease of use.
  • Greater control for accuracy.
  • Optimal use of available storage capacity.
  • Optimizing management of stock, users and location.